SNU material data center

SNU material data center is the most powerful web-based application for materials

Materials Data & Informatics Laboratory (MDIL)

MDIL is a research group specialized in high-throughput calculations and neural network potentials (NNP) based on density functional theory (DFT). We have suggested p-type semiconductors and high-k material in high-throughput studies.

Target database

SNUMAT aims for an accurate computational database with density functional theory. The DB includes materials that are synthesized experimentally and have band gap. It presents physical properties such as structure, magnetic configurations and band gap. We will continue to add more properties in the future.

Super Computers

Loki, Athena input in MDIL(Material Data and Informatics Laboratory) is Super computing clusters that enables to material computations, research and data algorithm. We are going to expand our super computing clusters to get more computing power for material research.


Researchers develope the Material Data Center.


Seungwu Han
Professor, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University Director of Material data center

Main Developer

YoungChae Yoon
Designed Webpage
SNU material data center developers, Seoul National University